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The wrong POS System could hurt your business

There’s a long check list of what’s important when choosing a POS System. Secure payments, reliable hardware and fast transactions are just some essentials to check for. To save you the pain of trial and error, we do the hard work for you. Surpass delivers the All-in-One Hospitality and Retail Management System to ensure common mistakes are avoided, giving you peace of mind for return on investment

Choose our high-quality system with a bevy of features to suit your unique business needs and have confidence the functions you want are all included.

Choose to access and protect your data using our cloud-based system hosted by Microsoft Azure. With the added security of offline platform stability and auto synchronisation upon reconnection, your business can operate as usual even when the internet is down.

Choose to be fully supported by our dedicated team with after hours and on-site availability. Surpass also performs system updates and provides comprehensive training.





The Intuitive POS System for Hospitality and Retail

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The Intuitive POS System for Hospitality and Retail

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User-friendly Interface Built For Your Industry.

Surpass POS Systems offers specialised software for Hospitality and Retail.

Plug and Play
Simplicity is Key.

Designed for ease of use, quick setup and ready for sales in 24 hours.

One Device for All Your Needs.

The Surpass solution lets you manage multiple revenue streams all in one place.

First Priority Local Partner Support.

Fast response, accessible customer support ensuring smooth business operations.

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O.D.O. Own Device QR Code Ordering and Kiosk System

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The All-In-One smart ordering system.

QR code ordering allows your customers to easily place orders and make payments online with their own mobile devices.

Increase operational efficiency and improve your customer experience with O.D.O. here.


Self ordering kiosk system

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Designed to serve more customers and increase revenue, saving resources and gaining flexibility of staffing. Our self ordering kiosk system will minimise customer wait times whilst offering a seamless payment system to ensure customers satisfaction.

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Increase Revenue

Hospitality venues that employ Self-Service Kiosks can expect a 13% increase in average spend per person, with some venues reporting as high as 30 to 37 percent!.

Visually Attractive Interface

Choose your most enticing food and drink photos, and your customers will be able to easily make a decision on the intuitive interface of your self-ordering kiosk.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Our Self-Service Kiosk technology is designed to ensure that even first-timers and non-tech savvy people can place orders quickly and accurately.

Improved Customer Experience

By minimising wait times and long lines, Self-Service Kiosks can drastically improve the customer experience within your venue.

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Accept Payments in Advance

Easily secure prepayments from Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay. (Payment processing fees apply)

Monthly flat rate

Simple flat monthly rate! No extra commissions or mark-ups for dine-in or takeaway orders

Streamline Your Operations

Customer orders through O.D.O. are sent directly to the kitchen, saving time and minimising errors.

Fully Integrated & Customisable

Tailor your online menu and manage your business from any location with our cloud-based system.

Improved Dining Experience

Allow your customers to order, re-order, or even order in advance without waiting for a server.

Perfect For Any F&B Business

From Food Kiosks to Cafes, Bars and full-service Restaurants, Own Device QR Code Ordering works for all venues to optimise your business.

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