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Increase profits and reduce wait times with Surpass Self-Ordering Solutions made to improve your customer experience.

Self Ordering Kiosk - Self Ordering System & Own Device Ordering QR

Surpass Business Solutions provides user-friendly POS systems to help you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently. With features designed by Hospitality and Retail industry experts, we prioritise your specific operational needs. Our cloud-based POS Solution works across multiple platforms including Windows, IOS and Android.
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Own Device QR Code Ordering

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The All-In-One smart ordering system.

QR code ordering allows your customers to easily place orders and make payments online with their own mobile devices.

Increase operational efficiency and improve your customer experience with O.D.O. here.


Accept Payments in Advance

Gain peace of mind with prepayments from popular payment methods from Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay. (Payment processing fees apply)

Monthly flat rate

Flat monthly rate with a set amount each month with no additional fees for either dine-in or takeout orders.

Streamline Your Operations

Orders placed via O.D.O. go straight to the kitchen, making the process more efficient and reducing errors.

Fully Integrated & Customisable

Our cloud-based system allows you to customise your online menu and manage your business from anywhere.

Improved Dining Experience

Allow customers to conveniently place orders, re-order items, or schedule orders in advance without having to wait for a server.

Perfect For Any F&B Business

No matter the size of your business, from a tiny to a full-service restaurant, our own device QR code ordering is the perfect solution for any type of establishment to maximise their efficiency.


Self ordering kiosk system

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Increasing customer numbers and boosting income, our self-service kiosk system will reduce waiting times and provide a smooth payment process, helping to conserve resources and provide greater staffing flexibility.

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Create the Ideal Self-Service Experience for Customers With Our Self Serve Kiosk Ordering System

Benefits Of Self-Serve Kiosk

Increase Profit

Hospitality establishments that utilise self-service kiosks can anticipate an average increase in spending per customer of 13%, with some reporting an even greater boost of 30 to 37 percent.

Visually Attractive Interface

Choose your most enticing food and drink photos, and your customers will be able to easily make a decision on the intuitive interface of your self-ordering kiosk.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Our Self-Service Kiosk technology has been developed to make sure that even those who are newly using the system or who don't have much experience with technology can place orders quickly and accurately.

Improved Customer Experience

Self-Service Kiosks can enhance the customer experience in your establishment by decreasing the amount of time spent waiting and eliminating large queues.

The Numerous Advantages of Self-service Kiosks for Your Business Growth!

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