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Are you looking for a reliable, flexible, and easy to use Point of Sale System solution for your restaurant?

Our comprehensive POS solution enables you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, manage resources, control your inventory and ultimately improve profitability.

Intuitive Interface

Our powerful and easy to use interface ensures your staff can learn and operate the system quickly.

Multiple Menus

Select the breakfast menu in the morning and switch to lunch menu during lunch hour. It makes a lot of sense, why display the dinner items during lunch hour?

Multilingual Support

Display on screen and print in any languages. English staff at front of house and a Japanese chef can only read Japanese? No problem. Our system can display in English and print in other languages in the kitchen.

Quick Payment

Integrated with most major banks’ card payment systems.

Flexible Setup

Design your own order panel to make sure your staff can easily and quickly find the right product.


Service people (servers) can place order anywhere within the restaurant wirelessly without going back to the main POS or queueing up at the waiter station.

Self Ordering

Allow your customer to order and pay by themselves. Save labour cost and increase revenue substantially.

Table Layout

The table layout can be customised for your restaurant. It supports multi area restaurants with upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside.

Inventory Control

Connect your recipes to your inventory and receive a detailed report to help minimise your waste.

Our system provide smooth manoeuvrability and support for your restaurant from machinery to remote system aids. Focus on your elegant food, we'll cover the rest.

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