Initiating a business start up can be a thrilling and daunting task.

Taking the primitive step demands devotion, time, and liability in order to remodel your entrepreneurial “delusion” into authentic, solid reality.

Once your business is settled and well-established, once you successfully moved out from the primal steps, you as the owner must be inclined for growth (and of course, success)!

This can be archived by focusing on five elemental principles:

1. Plan

Business growths simply doesn’t take place over-night. For it to happen, you must be well planned and well prepared. Apart from the “Get bigger, sell more,” mindset, growth, requires more careful deliberations. Areas such as transactions, partnering with others, locations, marketing, technologies, etc., are all to be planned and thought out. Planning is all about estimating the interactions of changes in the near future, and how they can cause impacts to one another. Planning is also about costs and inflation, and the effect they can have on each other – in both negative, and positive ways.

It is crucial to bear in mind that planning is not only for large corporations, but for all startups who aspires to become large.

2. People

“Customers” can be everyone, if you know them as “people.” As the greatest assets that any industry can have, people not only brings income, but also are able to become influences for your business. They are capable of introducing your service to more, and are able to leave positive remarks regarding your business. Employees are also people that can greatly secure your business: trustworthy and dedicated workers are hard to come by, and are to be cherished dearly.

However, employees often requires “maintenance” such as training and coaching. Many good employees are capable of much greater things when they are being trained for the specific positions, or at what they are good at. As your company continue to expand, so does the need of your product, service, marketing, technology, security, accounting, and so on. It is crucial to use the assets you have to out grow your weakness, and greater strengthening your strong points. Never forget that your employees will become the foundation of your business growth.

3. Priortization

There are certain tasks, goals, and strategies that are to be prioritised in order to ensure stable growth. Reviewing sales reports, inventory patterns, and employee performances are some important approaches in order to ensure that your approach to the market is working, that your goals and targets are being archived. These also reminds you of things that are to be changed.

Your decision today will affect your business’ growth tomorrow, and your time is limited. Prioritise on what will bring you profit and growth, and do not waste time in sorting out some small, low efficient tasks.

4. Processes and procedures

Your business adapts your style of processing and agenda. A successful business growth will focus on agendas and practices which brings forth improvements to their services and products. When the struggle in marketplace becomes higher, your business must adapt, but not settle. Evolve and improve your approaches and actions, develop new procedures to stay updated with current demands. Social media, websites, digital marketing – invest in things that will bring improvement to you in the long run.

Time is essential, and it is often better to spend money to generate efficiency, rather than wasting time and effort doing counterproductive (or simply time wasting) tasks.


5. Partnering

Picking your business partner is a crucial part of business growth, as they can determine your course of actions. With partners that can provide your need, such as technological needs, supplies, services, and security systems, these are the kind of partners that can save you cost, time, and effort. Finding a trustworthy and creditable partner, such as Surpass Business Solutions, can prevent loss in profit due to extra charges by large corporations.

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