What to look for in the best POS system of 2017

So you are setting up business. But what to look for in a POS system? What makes a POS system beneficial to your industry?

The best Point of Sales systems are low cost, easily manoeuvred, and does more than basic sales processing and receiving payments. These POS systems should include time-saving features such as: instant sales reporting, sales data analysing tools, inventory management functions, staff and customer records. The best systems also include integrations for email marketing (or social media marketing), loyalty programs, and some other capabilities that makes running and growing a business easier for you. The ability to provide a reliable customer support is also important when looking to get a POS system.

Cloud database is another key feature to opt for when searching for a suitable POS system for your industry. Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle made this prediction recently: “Database is our largest software business and database will be our largest cloud business.”

Why is it so?

Cloud-based systems allow you to access from any browser and devices, so you can check your sales report and run back-office tasks from any location. Apps for extra tablets – which are often less expensive than touchscreen systems – can also allow customers to order on their own. This time saving (and tech savvy) tool will not only reduce time needed for each customer, this will also increase the customer flow of your business.

When done right, DBaaS (database as a service) promises significant cost advantages over traditional database (or “old school paper and pen”) strategies. Agility, sociability, speed of deployment, and a steady flow of new capabilities allows your business to change and reform at a fast pace, without having to lose any crucial customer information.

However, all good things comes with a cost. The market for cloud databases have grown from $1 billion in 2016 to a predicted $14 billion by 2019. Surely, this is an expensive technology. 

Surpass Business Solutions provided a set of POS machinery with integrated cloud database with little to no extra charge. Finance options are also available to newly founded businesses to reduce burden on entrepreneurs. For franchises and chain fast food restaurants, there are also customised plans to encourage industry growth.

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