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In every food court, deciding on the point of sales system (POS machine) is important.
With over thousands of customers visiting daily, rush hours spanning from lunch to dinner, it is only reasonable to prioritise an efficient and reliable POS machine.
Not limited to small or standalone businesses, POS can extend to food courts as well. While having multiple stalls and vendors, who are the ones with better performance? At what time would which stall be busier? What are the food choice of your customers? Which stalls can better understand your customer’s need*?
To be able to acquire reports and compare them, it is only reasonable for all the stalls to be work under the same software. Hardware are to be taken into considerations as well, as a cheap hardware may be prone to breakage due to prolonged working hours. Or worse, they could potentially be ‘laggy’ during the busiest hours of operation—which can cause a great loss to both vendors and hungry customers!
Surpass Business Solutions provides special packages for food court with large amount of vendors, easing the financial burden for both food court owners and vendors. After all, we cares about everyone’s business. With sturdy point of sales machines for food court and software compatible to be used as food court POS, our impeccable machinery will ensure smooth operation even during the busiest hours. As for software, we provide peak performance for every installations, with bug-free programming.
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