Almost every business in Australia have opted for a security system in their shop. But why?

Here are 10 reasons why hospitality and retail businesses need a surveillance camera on premise.

1. To Reduce Risk (and Cost)

A closed-circuit television system (or more commonly known as a CCTV system) can prevent crime occurrence by deterring potential crime-doers with the physical existence of a camera; this has similar effect as that of a sign reading “You Are Being Monitored,” but with amplified psychological result. This surveillance monitor oversees the actions of staffs at cashier, and front of house staffs. Especially when there is a loss in your business, we want you to be able to proof your staff’s innocence and trust-worthy behaviour. Crime committed by criminals such as impulse crimes, car theft, and shoplifting can also be prevented, as fear will affect their decision of acting upon your business while being recorded. Beyond deterring unplanned crime, it will also gives a sense of security and safety to your customers and employees, knowing that everything that took place in your premise is being recorded.

2. Prevent and Deter Crime

As mentioned above, criminal behaviour are often reduced after the installation of a security camera. A research in Baltimore and Chicago showed that there is a direct impact of camera to reduced crime, and even beyond the areas of camera coverage. With each dollar spent on this technology, you can potentially save up to four dollars, simply by reducing loss in profit.

3. Fool-proof Coverage

As much as you would like to spend time in your business, you have a life to live and other things to worry about. If you are expanding your business, there is even less time for you to be able to be in your shop. So who’s watching when you’re not? We are. Our well designed and located CCTV are practically impenetrable and will be able to provide up to 100% coverage. Multiple cameras will reduce your blind spots, and is even able to zoom in to the most vulnerable areas of the property. The risk of human error will be greatly reduced with a full coverage surveillance system.

4. Reduce Property Insurance Cost

As the likelihood of break-ins and fire hazards are reduced, properties with installed security systems can be given discounts in insurance. This can save your business even more expenses.

5. Increase Confidence of Customers

“How is my food prepared?” “How to tell if your shop is hygienic?” “Will I be served in a proper manner?”

These questions will alter the customer’s decision to, whether or not, enter your business. A recording camera provide your customers an ease of mind, knowing that all that they encounter can be used as evidence if anything occurs, and that their expense in your shop are used to protect their consumer rights.

6. Easily Implemented

Our CCTV and surveillance system are planned and installed to you by experienced and professional technicians, allowing quick and hassle-free installation in your premise. We can ensure you that our installation will not be a disturbance to your business, and that the time taken for said installation is significantly shorter than many other companies.

7. Keep Your Employees Honest

CCTV cameras on the outside of your premise can avoid break-ins by outsiders, and by having them installed inside your shop, you can also monitor your belongings, assets, goods, and other liable areas of your facility. In the long run, it will discourage feeble and suspicious behaviours by the employees. Even if something happens, the records can prevent false accusations and trust issues amongst staff members.

8. Encourage Good Behaviour

Security cameras can help create an environment where both the employees and customers behave with a disciplined manner. CCTV systems encourage both customers and employees to be on their best behaviour.

9. Prevent Safety Incidents

It is crucial to install CCTV cameras in high risked areas, such as locations prone to fire outbreaks, in order to lower potential dangers to your personnel and surrounding communities. Our premium cameras can prevent potential damage before occurrence, because emergency measures can be taken immediately with timely monitoring.

10. Assist in Law enforcement

Although this may not be the primary focus of your business, but to be able to assist the local authority in case of any criminal activity is an action to be carried out by each and every citizens. We are a community after all, and let us look after each other’s needs.

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