CCTV. Surveillance Cameras. Alarm Monitoring. Video Surveillance. Security Cameras.

You’ve seen those monitoring cameras all around the place, from houses to shops to malls. But just how important are these little tech savvy creations?

Let’s be real here, you can’t monitor ALL aspects of your house and business. Even when you’re at home, in the comfort of your room, you will not be able to see what is happening in your kitchen. Or your front door. When picking up your children from school, there is definitely no way you can see who’s going past your house. Or into your house.

A surveillance camera is not only important, it’s essential. From home to commercial (and industrial) aspects, you need to see what’s happening to stay safe. With over 20,000 break-ins in Australia annually, why leave it up to chance? Start seeing today and stop depending on sheer luck to protect your family and business.

Surpass Business Solutions is providing high definition, motion detecting, and push notification integrated CCTV cameras at an affordable price. We want to provide security and assurance to you, without costing you a fortune. Because everyone deserves to be protected, even when they are on small budget.

The greatest harm to businesses and industries are also from, you guessed it, intruders to premises and thievery. This can absolutely be reduced, by the sheer presence of a CCTV. Study shows that criminals will refrain from entering premises with CCTV and security cameras, in fear of being exposed. Feuds in shops are also greatly reduced when surveillance cameras are around to monitor the customers’ and staffs’ activity. Because all these are recorded and can be presented as evidence, if anything arises.

If anything, CCTV also reassures the customers of the product they receive. For if anything went wrong, your business can always provide evidence to proof your quality. When there is a loss of profit on your premise, your staffs will also not be wrongly accused of thievery, for you can view your staffs’ behaviour and ensure the well being of your workers.

Hospitality or Retail, we’ve got them both covered under the same sturdy umbrella. So take a few minutes and contact us today; protecting your family and business is really this simple, after all.