Providing expert advise at business start ups, Surpass Business Solutions support your industry, be it retail or hospitality.

Surpass Business Solutions provides more than just technical support as you build your business. We cover all the back end support you need for your industry, from hospitality to retail. From POS system to CCTV, our service is wholesome and our technology can be integrated to different platforms and devices.

Our cloud-based system can also allow you to stay connected with your business from anywhere, at anytime. Receive instant updates about your business instantly, from any form of devices. Manage your store and process sales with a point of sale that works on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Add a tablet, wireless cash drawer, bar-code scanner and receipt printer to stay connected anywhere you are — whether on your store front or at the comfort of your home.

With all the advanced features at an affordable price, our solution is flexible and customised to your business, from bars to cafes to fruit markets. Ask any retailers, “What is a point of sale (POS) system?” and they’ll tell you that it is THE key element of their business; the centre where everything merges and interconnects. “A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations,” said Yamarie Grullon, Manager of content strategy at Shopkeep.

Soft and Hardware Components of POS Systems:

As we look at different POS systems, it is crucial to understand the software options present and what each software requires. There are two common software deployment methods — on-premise or cloud based. An on premise system is also a traditional software model. Upon purchasing a (or more) license upfront for the software, it will be installed on your computer system, servers, or more commonly, “cash register machine”. From that point on wards, all maintenance and updates will be handled by Surpass. In a cloud based system, you can access and support your system via internet. Fear not — even if your internet collapsed, our system track sales and will sync them once you’re online again.

Crucial POS hardware: Register screen (a standard touch screen monitor that displays your product range. Along with other integrated functions such as employee time sheet and sales report viewing), Receipt printer (paper receipts are important for customers after purchasing, but not only that, you can also print sales totals of employee, work hours and other information), and Cash drawers (perhaps the most important yet, a safe place for you to keep your change and profit!)

“Modern POS systems do more than just offer flexibility when processing daily transactions,” says Grullon. “They improve a merchant’s chances of success by providing them with tools to streamline business processes.”

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